Scavenger Beanies - Red & Black

Team Sized Hoodies & Tees


Muted Ltd. has been working hard to bring you quality clothing with made in the USA designs and details to fit your needs on street and snow. Our kits are specifically created for all the happenings in your life, whether you're out workin' a 9 to 5, slayin' assignments at school tryna get educated, or slingin' pizzas on the side to pay for a ski pass; we're right there with ya.

While sculpting this brand and its products like a modern day Michelangelo, our mission is to provide you, the local heroes of the hill, with a unique street style line of clothing while maintaining function no matter what coast or mountain you ride. Muted Ltd. is proud to get clothes on your back and a coozie in your hand, so up your game and take yourself to the holy level. Our kits are ripe for any season.


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