Mt. Hood Summer 2018 & New Collaboration

I know we're all just trying to get through the warm months so we can dig out the ski gear from the closet come fall, but if you've even been slightly trolling the internet the last two months, you've seen Mt. Hood, Oregon popping off.

We have a number of our riders shredding Hood this summer; if you catch anyone in Muted gear, go ahead and say wassup and throw some gang signs around. Our crew has been working really hard at putting some extra quality footage out, and they continue to escalate their skills to the next level. Some of our boys are working park crew at T-Line, much respect to the hustle and definitely thank the homies when you ride by. We even have some fam coaching over at Windells Camp! I'm tellin' ya, if you haven't made it to Hood for yourself, set your sights on a trip next summer so you aren't singing the blues when all your friends are still playing in snow. 

With this, we're stoked to announce a collaboration with @weridepark. These guys have been working real hard to promote the riders you love at hills all around the states. We've got our eyes on the prize and are working to bring you a new way to tap into the ski industry, its riders, and daily habits of our niche via blog style news. While this ain't TMZ, it's promising that you'll be able to read interviews on snow and catch some updates from the ski industry as our relationship with @weridepark develops. 

Until then, keep at it with whatever you're doin'. Summer will be over in the next few months, and we're real hype to continue watching everyone throw down their moves on the gram. Toss us a tag so we can see your steeze, we're looking at all you local heroes.